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Y105 HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS (6.8MB QT) (updated Sunday Nov.23, 11:45pm)


Hot 30 "moving on the chart" key, with example arrow and number motion (no audio) (2.5MB QT)

Vacation Spot demo (8MB QT)

Y105 Generic Spot #2 (8MB QT)

Y105 Generic Spot #1 (8.8MB QT)

10 second example of proposed BG element without "music video" content (QT 3.2MB)

Bumper with final logo animation, 10 seconds with 1 second roll-up.  Can be extended.

Short clip of mix 1

Full length version (8.6MB)

Still example of Mix 1 with a "moving on the chart" key:

Still of Bumper (mid light sweep):

Still frame of BG:

Basic 3D move to demonstrate logo dimension (QT 1Mb)

Still frame example of above (frame 60):